Stick Together [2018]

Multi-Action Platformer


Originally made for the 2-Day GMC Game Jam 30. Alpha version. Last updated: 2019-04-09

This demo is a strategy game of capture the king and beating each other up with swords and arrows.
This project is a huge work in progress with still loads of work left to do, so it currently features a few glitches and placeholder SFX mainly from Warcraft 2.

Also, Stick Together is a working title, would love any name suggestions if you guys have any! 

Future Updates:

- 1v1 online PvP mode
- Functioning war balloons
- Finished graphics
- Smarter enemy AI
- More enemy types
- Expanded map
- And more!


WASD - Movement
F - Switch Characters
Shift - Auto Run/Duck
Left Mouse Click - Action 1
Right Mouse Click - Action 2


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